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Im not at the beach but I still want to play volleyball

Our top 3 places to keep playing volleyball when you are not at the beach.

Whats better than playing volleyball on a beautiful summers day with a group of friends at your local beach. Whether its 2 on 2 or a fun group game with your novice friends, beach volleyball is always a hit.

Unfortunately we can’t always be at the beach! Keep that volleyball spirit alive even when you are not ankle deep in the sand with the waves crashing in the back ground.

No 1: Pool Volleyball

Another great place to play volleyball and have fun with friends is in the pool. Pool Volleyball is a great way to include more in the volleyball fun, while still staying close to friends at home, while you are having a bbq or a family Sunday in the backyard.

Most of the time pool volleyball is just for fun but it can get pretty competitive. There can be some spectacular dives and saves in the pool and there is always a nice soft landing.

When playing pool volleyball make sure you have a quality pool volleyball set that is sturdy and has a taught net to keep things interesting. Then just grab your friends, jump in and play. Oh try get a set that has a waterproof volleyball as well. you don’t want to ruin your expensive volleyballs in the water.

No 2. In the garden or at a park

A fantastic place to play volleyball is in your local grassy park. You’ll often see nets set up in the park and a group of friends playing volleyball together. Grass volleyball is a great surface in between beach and indoor volleyball, its softer than the indoor courts but its easier to move un jump on the firmer grass when compared to soft beach sand.

But be careful you can still hurt yourself, and perhaps get a few grass burns while diving for the ball.

Portable volleyball nets that work for beach volleyball often work just as well for park volleyball.

No 3. Indoor volleyball

If you are looking to take things more seriously when you aren’t at the beach, why not join your local indoor volleyball club or team. You’ll make some great friends , improve your skills and fitness and have a blast.

There are a few difference between indoor and outdoor volleyball, so make sure you know the rule differences and get out there and have some fun.

Those are our best three alternatives to beach volleyball. We hope we inspired you to keep playing, training and having fun.

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