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What Do Coaches Look For During Volleyball Tryouts?

In any levels from middle school to college, coaches try to find specific characteristics in the volleyball player. Particularly for volleyball club tryouts, coaches monitor the players utilizing some sort of rating system in the different sought-after elements of ability.

Exactly what do volleyball coaches consider when searching for team tryouts? From our experience of coaching in the high school, club as well as collegiate level, there are actually 5 important categories in all levels: Athleticism, Communication, Coachability, Leadership and Skill.


This has aspects which could be trained and others that can’t. As an example, height can’t be influenced by training. Even though height has its own benefits in volleyball, it’s never good enough if the individual doesn’t have the other aspects, just like speed, power, and strength. In addition, it isn’t a replacement for other elements such as skill, leadership, and other. There have been occasions when the club team, who is the tallest player would likely experience insults coming from the other teams simply because the team was very small by comparison. Then again, it simply made it more fulfilling to overpower the team, particularly when college recruiters were viewing the game.


Coaches are interested in someone who is really vocal, dynamic and encouraging with teammates. They also look for the allied abilities of court vision as well as volleyball IQ, that involves critical thinking and problem solving skills. There is a significant difference in between talking — just like calling for the ball or yelling “I am open”– and communicating, that involves passing down information while you look at the game, just like the way the rival player serves, that can help the team.

While the best player is the fastest and highest jumping, the most effective volleyball player also exhibits a powerful volleyball IQ. Effective teams merge both kinds of athletes.


In case you are an athlete trying out, you will have to show that you’re prepared to test something totally new — to modify strategy or adjust instead of being set on your own ways. Coaches search for a player who are able to correct his/her approach and accept criticism. A few athletes possess abilities and athletic skill, however they don’t like to change, particularly when they become older, thus coaching them “turns to an effort in futility.”


In the tryout, coaches examine to know if you show leadership by your example, the way you work and associate with your team. Leadership likewise links into volleyball IQ: whether you understand what is happening in the court so you could assist direct traffic and manage what’s going on on a drill or scrimmage. “Do you have the ability to make people around you better by doing what you do?”, the usual question of the coaches. Seasoned coaches make this certainly one of their tryout standards.


Skill in volleyball is fully necessary. The team that possesses the very best abilities and would make the minimum errors will often win any given competition. They always screened all of the skills in the tryouts simply because they needed the players to actually perform a number of positions. You can never predict when the outside hitter, setter, middle blocker or libero will become ill or getting injured, thus you should have players who definitely are flexible and could all pass, set, strike, block, serve, as well as play defense. Despite the fact that volleyball is a specialized sport, teams who’ve got multi-skilled athletes tend to be the most successful. Additionally, it is vital that players have the ability to make alterations and available to instruction. A lot of coaches train methods in different ways and would anticipate their players to learn it their way.

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